Baan Orapin has been the family home for three generations since 1914. The original Baan Orapin is a century-old, colonial Lanna styled teak wood mansion. In its early days, the property was home to the family of Phor Dang, a landlord and a merchant who built the house. Later, small one-storey wooden houses were built surrounding the original mansion and rented out to locals, creating a small community of artisans and merchants within the gates of Baan Orapin.

In 2003, the first guest building, designed with respect to Lanna architecture and the original mansion’s characters, was completed and Baan Orapin Bed & Breakfast opened its gates to travelers from all over the world. It became an oasis of calm in the midst of the evergrowing city of Chiang Mai. Today, the original mansion combined with three unique guest buildings and a longstanding heritage makes Baan Orapin a cultural and an architectural marvel that longs to provide tranquility for travelers.

Distinct features indicative of Lanna architecture can be seen in Baan Orapin’s traditional design including tall, clay tiles roof, delicate woodcarvings, and an elevated, open structure for airflow.

The rooms are dotted around the compound within three unique guest buildings, all surrounded by beautiful flora and fauna, including mature century-old Longan trees.

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