Our Sustainability Efforts for a Green Future

At Baan Orapin, we always strive for sustainability in all aspects of our bed & breakfast operations. We choose green alternatives whenever available while maintaining and continually improving our high standards of using quality material.

When you stay with us, you can sleep well at night, knowing you’ve helped made the world a greener place!

Millions of gallons of water are used everyday to wash towels that have been used only once. We encourage our guests to reuse their towels to decrease the amount of water needed for unnecessary washing of towels.

All of our air-conditioner units are rated 5-star, which means they pass the highest energy-saving level of Thailand’s energy-star rating.

We encourage our guests to reuse their room towels and pool towels whenever possible. Less unnecessary washing equals less harmful chemicals released into the environment!

Our bathroom amenities utilize refillable bottles which do not have to be discarded after a single use, decreasing the amount of plastic waste we put out.