Baan Orapin is located in the Wat Ket district, an old neighbourhood with a rich culture.

Once a prosperous center for trading during Chiang Mai’s waterway trading era, Wat Ket area’s hallmark of wealth can be seen in the elaborate and diverse architecture of the buildings lined on both sides of the street.

Today, Wat Ket area is vibrant and filled with the hustle and bustle of a different kind of trading — cultures.

Dubbed as one of Chiang Mai’s best destinations, the area is comprised of several discrete cultural attractions including coffee shops, dessert cafés, live music restaurants, noodle shops, art galleries, handmade arts & craft shops, traditional clothing stores, and more.

The neighbourhood is connected to the Waroros market by a footbridge that crosses the Ping river. The market, (also known as Kad Luang), is the largest and one of the oldest markets in town, where you can find traditional food, desserts, fruits, fresh produce, textile, clothes, art and crafts and more.

The market is also a hub of transportation where plenty of song taew (red pick-up truck taxi) and tuk-tuk can be found.

Explore the neighbourhood through our photo collection below